Brain Gain Career Referal Program

BGN is a human resource network.

Focusing on the urgently needed people resources to lead economic innovation in the best Philippine companies and institutions, our main activity is building a professional database of highly skilled, principled and motivated individuals, and finding opportunities for them to contribute to the Philippines' development.

In line with our mission of fostering Brain Gains, we offer the service of matching qualified individuals, coming from all over the globe, with open job positions located in the Philippines.

Referral Process

For Philippine-Based Companies and Nonprofits

To request for recruiting assistance from BGN, kindly send an email to including details of your hiring needs.

If BGN is able to find a candidate who is a potential fit your requirements, we may share with you his resume after he consents to participating in the Brain Gain Referral Program.

Terms and conditions stated below apply.

For Job Seekers

To request for BGN assistance for a Philippine-based job placement:

(1) Register yourself as a BGN member.

(2) Request for assistance by sending an email to

Depending on your qualifications, BGN staff may set an appointment with you before sending a recommendation to prospective employers.

BGN will only furnish your resume or curriculum vitae to companies and nonprofits that consent to participating in the Brain Gain Referral Program.

Terms and conditions stated below apply.

Terms and Conditions

Prior to furnishing the resume or Curriculum Vitae of any candidate to any company, both (1) the candidate and (2) the prospective employer must consent to participating in the Brain Gain Referral Program.

Should a job referral made by BGN come into fruition, i.e., a BGN-endorsed candidate is successfully hired by a company with whom we shared his resume or Curriculum Vitae, may we request that:

(1) the company inform BGN, in writing, about the successful hire of the candidate.

(2) a donation be made to BGN amounting to the 10% of the gross first year salary of the hiree. This donation will come from the hiring company to help sustain the operations of BGN, a non-profit project sponsored by Narra Venture Capital.

We would like to ask the company to pledge this donation to the BGN project only on a success-fee/donation basis. If the candidate we refer to the company is not hired then there is no commitment.

(3) permission be given to BGN to post an article about the successful hire of the candidate, and list the candidate as an endorser of BGN.

For any inquires on this program, feel free to send an email to