About BGN

Brain Gain (BGN) is an exclusive network of highly skilled professionals interested in developing the Philippines.

BGN seeks to create the largest and most comprehensive database of top tier professionals and institutions from the Philippine global diaspora. While BGN's initial focus was centered on S&T, entrepreneurship, and education, its scope is wide enough to welcome individuals from any sector of the Philippines.

Our platform facilitates networking among our members, to help them initiate new ventures that will help the Philippines in one way or another. BGN helps those seeking to start companies in the Philippines, provide consultancy services for Filipino organisations, or form foreign based companies for business in the Philippines.

By promoting entrepreneurial initiative, BGN seeks to counter the "brain drain" and brings into the loop the acquired expertise, market knowledge and network of business relations of expatriate Filipino professionals.

Learn and Collaborate

We connect our members with new business contacts and and help them develop long-time partnerships. Some unique examples of relationships in BGN:

  • Network with experienced Silicon Valley serial technopreneurs who can help bring your company to the next level.
  • A European salesman finds trustworthy Philippine-based system integrators for his products.
  • A young Ph.D. EE graduate learns and joins a start-up run by a BGN serial entrepreneur.
  • The Philippine Secretary of Science and Technology recruits new Balik (Returning)-Scientists from the BGN network.

Do Good. Change the World.

  • Having the right team allows BGN members to get things done excellently and efficiently.
  • BGN makes it possible for people anywhere in the world to work with existing groups and individuals devoted to empowering communities, improving governance, and uplifting the country’s socio-economic landscape (i.e. poverty alleviation).
  • BGN allows one to become a resource for expertise. Share with us your skills, expertise, patents and business ideas.


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BGN Team

Paco Sandejas, Co-Founder and Executive Director
Kevin Ventura, Web Master
Dado Banatao, Maria Banatao, Chief Advisers